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At Raymond Law Group LLC, we are leaders in innovative alternative fee arrangements. Change has come to the way lawyers charge for their work, but most law firms still offer only one choice — the hourly rate. The longer it takes, the more you pay. Large corporations, insurers and individuals are sometimes better served by alternatives to the billable hour. Whether you are general counsel to a large international company looking for predictability in costs for a large project or litigation matter, or a local small business owner seeking a monthly payment plan, the bottom line is your budget. We have a menu of options that may fit your needs.

  • Success-based fees
  • Contingency fees
  • Hybrid hourly fees
  • Guaranteed phase budgets
  • Monthly retainer arrangements

We craft the fee arrangement to fit your specific type of matter or case list and work with you to define goals for our engagement. Of course, we offer competitive hourly rates for situations where the traditional billing method works best. For more information, click here.

Because of client demands for alternatives to the billable hour, many law firms advertise and promote that they offer alternative fee structures. However, not every law firm can offer an alternative fee program that will work. Raymond Law Group LLC was designed from the ground up for success with alternative fees with our RealValue SM program. As a result, we have received national attention for our money saving, efficient alternative fee programs.

Here is some of our history and recognition for work with alternative fees:

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