Connecticut Intellectual Property Dispute Attorneys

Intellectual property can be the most valuable asset you own as a business owner. Your creative ideas have brought great success to your business. Our intellectual property dispute attorneys at Raymond Law Group LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut, can help you protect these assets.

When an ex-partner or former employee takes your trade secrets, copyrighted materials or patents for his or her own use, contact our Connecticut intellectual property dispute attorneys at 860-633-0580. Our job is to shield your business from harm and hold that party accountable.

Aggressively Protecting Your Business in Intellectual Property Disputes

When hiring an employee who will be exposed to a variety of trade secrets and intellectual property, it is necessary to take steps to protect your business. Typically, that employee will sign a nondisclosure agreement barring him or her from sharing highly confidential information. Yet, a signature on a document does not always prevent an unethical or disgruntled ex-staff member from stealing intellectual property or trade secrets.

Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes in Mediation or Litigation

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we move quickly to protect clients in intellectual property disputes involving copyright, trade secrets or trademark infringements. We strive to settle these issues without litigation, but aggressively pursue the matter in court if that is the best option for you.

Serving as Business Advisors to Prevent Intellectual Property Disputes

We take a proactive approach to intellectual property disputes. Our attorneys are not just business litigators. We are also advisors providing ongoing counsel to businesses in need of legal help in Hartford County and throughout Connecticut. By drafting licensing, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements for your company, our lawyers can focus on preventing problems from occurring. Since we are a paperless office and strive to be a cutting edge law firm that utilizes high-end technology systems, we are intimately familiar with the need to protect our processes and products from competitors.

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