Legal Malpractice Attorneys in Connecticut

Licensed professionals have a responsibility to perform their duties within standards of quality and ethics. When they fail to perform these duties or violate the law, serious financial or physical harm may occur. At Raymond Law Group LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut, we diligently advocate for our clients in professional negligence claims.

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Handling Professional Negligence Cases in Various Industries

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we are hired by individuals, business, and insurance companies for professional negligence cases in various industries, including:

  • Lawyers committing malpractice by missing deadlines or other acts of negligence, resulting in a dismissal or loss of business profits
  • Architects and engineers failing to properly design and construct homes or commercial buildings in a large development
  • Mortgage brokers, banks, real estate agents and appraisers engaging in unethical business practices related to bad mortgage transactions or land deals
  • IT or computer professionals destroying critical data or harming business operations.
  • Accountants or other financial professionals commingling assets or embezzling the hard-earned money of their clients

Professionals Accused of Negligence

Our attorneys employ an in-depth and scientific approach to handling professional negligence of all kinds. We work with experts in professional negligence within the relevant industries to investigate malpractice and violations of standard practices. Assessing the duties and responsibilities of one or a group of professionals is vital to proving or defending malpractice or negligence by lawyers or accountants. Whether the professional negligence causes damages to an individual or loss of business opportunity, our attorneys can help.

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