Raymond Law Group LLC is RealValue for Litigation & Trial

Today's business environment demands a real change in the way lawyers practice to be successful. More so than ever, clients, in-house attorneys, and outside lawyers must work together to increase efficiency and demonstrate value for the money spent on litigation.

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to lean practices, unique law firm design, and use of technology to reduce the costs of our services for clients without any reduction in quality of legal work. At Raymond Law Group LLC, we call it RealValue SM. RealValue SM is our firm's campaign to offer all clients an alternative to the billable hour. We offer these alternative fee programs without losing sight of the number one goal - top quality legal representation.

How do we do it? Here are just a few of the factors that make our RealValue SM program a success:

  • Unique, lean law firm design with no secretaries, a blend of remote associates and brick-and-mortar associates, selective, secure use of outsourced support functions (U.S.-based partners). This makes us scalable and efficient.
  • Fully digital law office (no paper files!) with all documents fully text searchable; a customized software suite for all functions from case management to billing.
  • No client charge for our overhead - legal research database, scanning, copying, mail, fax, long distance calls, mileage: it's all included in our fee.
  • We learn about your needs and create a specially tailored alternative fee structure designed to make costs predictable and deliver excellent results - or we don't get our full fee. We also offer discounted, value-based hourly fees in those circumstances where this option is best.
  • Critical data mining - they track information on opposing counsel, judges, ADR professionals, and case results to measure and improve results over time.
  • Knowledge management - they automate forms and continuously build.
  • Measuring success - put our RealValue SM program to the test! We accept all challenges to go head-to-head with our RealValue SM program and alternative fee lawyers matched against your current counsel. We will substantially impact your bottom line - and prove it through an agreed set of metrics to measure our success. We only get our full fee if we save costs and deliver excellent value.

To discuss our RealValue SM program and how it might work for you, please contact us.