Technology Law Firm

AT Raymond Law Group LLC, we have a digital law practice. We have thought out carefully how we manage and communicate information. With a high speed scanner, we make a full text searchable electronic copy of every document that comes in or goes out of our firm at no cost to our clients. All scanned documents and critical case materials are managed and stored electronically by work flow enhancement software. We do not spend our time or waste your money looking for files, searching for phone numbers, or making extra copies of everything. Our attorneys electronically manage and securely store all of their calendaring, email, documents, phone calls, research, billing, contacts, and case information in a single software suite. Our attorneys and staff have universal and simultaneous access to all of this information inside our office or away on the road anywhere with an internet connection.

We are not digital just to be different. We are digital because it saves money for our clients. It allows us to work faster and more efficiently to the benefit of our clients. We are digital because a true commitment to superior client service requires it.

Our attorneys and staff are equipped with the latest legal technology for case management, litigation support, and trial presentation. We work with high-end portable tablet Vista computers that have speech and handwriting recognition software. When we write something on our computer tablets or dictate a report by talking, we save it instantly and render it full text searchable for the life of the case.

We work wirelessly in and out of the office with access to everything ever done, said, written or ruled on in every case. Our digital wireless capacity allows us to work on your cases at any time and we can bring our office with us wherever we go, including the courtroom. This gives our clients the confidence to know we can respond to any issue at any time.

We utilize software tools specifically designed for management, evaluation and strategy for litigation cases that require it. Our lawyers can quickly map out everything a person ever did or said in every case. This permits us, and our clients, to understand and stay on top of critical case facts with minimal investment of time. At no added cost, this software gives us the capability to provide our clients with automatically generated reports capturing the most up-to-date case information. These reports eliminate costly catch up time and permit our lawyers, staff, and clients to work on a file together.

In minimal time, we can create computer drawings of technical information, accident sites or medical issues and we can create visual timelines of case facts or medical treatment. We can quickly pull text from depositions and case cites directly into pleadings and motions. We create video deposition clips of critical testimony with synchronized text for use at trial, mediation, or arbitration.

The corporate and business world is dynamic and continues to experience rapid change through creative innovation and new advances in technology. In many respects, the legal services industry has failed to keep pace and it is the clients who lose out. At Raymond Law Group LLC, we understand that a true commitment to superior client service requires a change from the way many lawyers practice. We have made that change for the benefit of our existing and future clients. We think you will notice the difference.