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Contract Disputes Archives

The long, winding road of Macy's v JC Penney should soon end

The attorneys for Macy's Inc. and J.C. Penney Co. made their final arguments recently in their contract dispute over rights to Martha Stewart Living merchandise. The parties reconvened after the last of many breaks in the trial that opened in February. While scheduling issues caused most of the delays, the court halted the proceedings at one point -- in March -- so that the retailers could attempt to mediate the matter.

Connecticut company sued for breach of contract

A large construction project on a university campus fell behind and cost more to complete because of the actions of a Connecticut subcontractor, a general contracting company claims in recent court filings. The general contractor is suing the Connecticut company for breach of contract and negligence.

NFL's ticket lawsuit headaches may just be beginning

There are some advantages to not having a professional football team in town. For example, Hartford does not have to worry about hosting the Super Bowl. Local football fans can drive to any one of a number of East Coast venues, enjoy the game, shout themselves hoarse, and come back home to a city that has not been ravaged by tailgate parties and over-enthusiastic celebrants.

Man sues Nas for concert no-show, Angola imprisonment

Contract disputes are inherently complicated cases. When an individual or a company accuses another person or entity of breach of contract, each side is going to think that they are in the right. Because of this very reason, it is vital for the parties involved in a contract dispute to secure legal representation. Consulting an experienced business lawyer can help you protect your rights and ensure that you are going about the case in the right way.

Connecticut boat designer files federal lawsuit

A Connecticut inventor has filed a claim in U.S. District Court in an effort to collect royalties that were claimed to have been owed to him. This individual states that he designed what is called the Laser sailboat, and that he was owed more than $200,000 plus interest concerning licensing agreements he had established with various Laser manufacturers back in 2011.

ESPN and Dish Network business contract dispute

ESPN, based out of Bristol, Connecticut, had been sued on a number of claims by Dish Network Corp. concerning a business contract dispute. Dish claimed that ESPN violated a most-favored-nation clause that was contained in the contract. This clause supposedly meant that ESPN was obligated to provide Dish the same terms that it offered any competitor regarding its sports programming contract.

Contract between city of Hartford and Bank of America

The length of a contract with the Bank of America had become an issue of contention for the city of Hartford. Though Hartford's mayor wanted to commit to a 3 year contract with Bank of America, city council members opposed any contract with the bank that would exceed more than one year.

Breach of contract has led to delay and expense

A company hired to provide electrical supplies for a particular Connecticut city street project has sued a contracting corporation for $323,000. The project involving improvements to sidewalks, parking areas, landscaping and streets has reportedly been put on hold due to delays by this contracting firm.

Oakley Sues Pro Golfer McIlroy and Nike for Breach of Contract

Oakley, Inc., a sports apparel and eyewear and apparel maker that sells products throughout the U.S., currently has an endorsement agreement in place with the No. 1-ranked golfer, Rory McIlroy. This contract apparently covers eyewear and apparel, giving Oakley the exclusive right to McIlroy's advertising endorsements.

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