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Trade Secret Misappropriation: When An Insider Takes Your Trade Secrets With Them

While companies are often focused on outsider risks such as breach of their systems through a stolen laptop or hacking, often the biggest risk is from insiders themselves. Such problems of access management with existing employees, independent contractors and other persons are as much a threat to proprietary information as threats from outside sources.

Public Employees Can Lose Their Jobs Over Online Information

lady holding book-laptop B-W2-thumb-140x208-16439.jpgThough public employees tend to enjoy greater protections that private sector employees, their personal activities posted online can cost them their jobs. On January 11, 2013, the California Commission on Professional Competence issued an influential ruling upholding the termination of an adult actress turned teacher. The three-judge panel issued a 46-page decision denying the Stacie Halas's appeal to return to work after her school's administration discovered her previous career.

Non-Unionized Employers: Your Policies May be Unfair Labor Practices

All employers should remember: Labor law applies to non-unionized situations as much as it applies if a union is in place. Two recent publications from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) have reasserted this notion: one relates to social media policy, the other to internal investigations. Most employers do not have unions, but most also have formal or informal policies and procedures regarding the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) and internal investigations (sexual harassment, theft, performance).

Standard Severance Packages in CT- There's No Such Thing!

One of the most important things a Connecticut Employment lawyer can do for you is review or negotiate a severance agreement. There is no standard form agreement for severance like for a home purchase. Each and every term is critical.

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