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Connecticut businesswoman provides outlet for other entrepreneurs

When a Connecticut woman was laid off from her full-time job, she was given severance pay but needed more. She decided to start her own small business, a line of purses and accessories called Thirty-One Gifts. Expecting this side project to be a part-time gig, she was surprised when the business took off. As more and more work came in, it grew increasingly difficult to continue working out of her home, where her family also lived. She needed a space of her own.

Veterans swelling the ranks of Connecticut's entrepreneurs

A few weeks ago, we noted that Connecticut was one of the best states for business start-ups. Whether entrepreneurs are attracted to the state's business climate, its tax code or just the beautiful autumn leaves, they are launching new ventures at an encouraging pace.

Connecticut good state for business start-ups

Connecticut was one of the states recently listed as overachieving in the number of business start-ups and entrepreneurships.  The study examined populations and economic output and found there was a disproportionate number of start-up companies that are valued in excess of $100 million.

Business Strategy leads to success for Connecticut entrepreneurs

A joint enterprise of two entrepreneurs in Wallingford in part led to the creation of a drug-testing kit to help in disease research. The two then recruited various scientists from Connecticut and formed CyVek Inc. with one assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer and the other becoming the company's chairman.

Connecticut entrepreneur specializes in technological innovations

New ventures often invest tens of millions of dollars in technology, patents, real estate and facilities, and in hiring the right talent for the business. Every decision at this point in time has its risks, and any company wants to avoid making mistakes that may prevent the business from even starting up.

Franchisee school proves beneficial for the brand

Though things might be looking up, the U.S. economy is still in an unsettling state that can make things difficult for business owners. During these times, they have to trust their employees to have a handle on their day-to-day duties and make smart decisions. In the absence of this responsibility, moderate (or even minor) mistakes can do untold amounts of damage to a business.

The Best Laid Plans...

Even the best laid plans for protecting against cyberliability can be frought with problems.  Today, many Twitter users received a password reset e-mail message, making them believe their accounts had been compromised.  Apparently, Twitter is pro-active and sends these reset e-mails when it believes there has been a problem with the account, including unauthorized access.

Monroe entrepreneurs find success in chicken diapers -- yes, you read that right

Chicken diapers -- yes, they're a real thing, and they're part of what helped make a Monroe business run by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs one of the most successful small businesses in America.

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