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Protecting the Individual from Data Breach

binary code2-thumb-212x300-15221-thumb-212x300-15201.jpgMajor databreaches make the news. TJ Maxx, Barnes & Noble, and Sony all had high profile breaches. In such large scale breaches, there is a flaw that is easily exploited on a grand scale. The individual hack is rarely reported and easily overlooked.

Samsung attempted, failed to stop Apple from selling iPhone 5

Apple-loyal customers -- from the northeastern reaches of Hartford, Connecticut, to the other far-flung corners of the U.S. -- eagerly anticipated this past weekend as the iPhone 5 was finally launched. Given some reports that Apple sold somewhere in the vicinity of 5 million of the newest iPhone iteration on the opening weekend, it's safe to say neither company nor customer was disappointed with the release.

Intellectual property rights central to Apple-Samsung legal duel

As many Connecticut residents are likely aware, tech giants Apple and Samsung are locked in a patent dispute regarding the smart phones each company produces. Apple claims that Samsung copied its talismanic iPhone -- both in visual appearance and functionality -- when it released its "Galaxy" line of tablets and cell phones. Samsung has rejected such copyright infringement claims and countersued Apple, claiming that some of their cell phone hardware is being mimicked in current iPhones.

No rEPEAT: Apple says exit from green initiative was 'a mistake'

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT, is a registry that identifies electronic devices which reduce their negative environmental impact and grades them on this "green" rating. EPEAT was established in 2006, and Apple played a key role in the registry's creation.

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