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Posts tagged "employment litigation"

Connecticut nursing home disputes result in Chapter 11

An ongoing dispute involving five Connecticut nursing homes and its employees appears to have resulted in the nursing homes filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. A brief chronology of the dispute is as follows: (1) more than 600 workers at the nursing homes went on strike this past July; (2) a federal judge recently ordered the nursing homes to allow the workers to return to work; and (3) the five nursing homes filed for bankruptcy protection on February 24th.

Firing at U of Connecticut results in employment litigation

An unusual employment litigation matter is currently taking place involving the University of Connecticut. A scientist that worked for the college was accused of faking research regarding health benefits of drinking red wine, and he soon after was let go from his position after an investigation of research misconduct was made. The scientist now feels that the process for removing him from his position was improper and was in violation of his civil rights.

FMLA proposed changes coming in March

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations are currently in the process of being revised and are due to be issued in March of 2013. Among other things, the regulations are expected to extend leave for caregivers in the military to employees whose family members are in the military who are sick or injured. The regulations will also create changes to require employees to take leave in specified increments.

Mandatory arbitration clauses and employment contracts

Per recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court, arbitrators may have been given more leeway in employment contract determinations under the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA). This provision required workers and consumers alike to abide by contracts that required arbitration to decide a dispute.

Legal action does not have to doom your small business

When a business -- any business -- gets sued by a current or former employee, the damage done to the brand and the current crop of employees can be severe. Local or national media can thrust a spotlight on the business; employees can become disheartened with the direction or atmosphere of the company; and it can cost the organization hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars to handle the legal side of the dispute.

Woman's wrongful termination appeal mostly denied

For the most part, when you hear the phrase "wrongful termination" thrown around, you are inclined to believe that the company must have been at fault. Somehow, someway, the big bad corporation did what it needed to do in order to get an employee off the books.

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