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Posts tagged "intellectual property"

Connecticut boat designer files federal lawsuit

A Connecticut inventor has filed a claim in U.S. District Court in an effort to collect royalties that were claimed to have been owed to him. This individual states that he designed what is called the Laser sailboat, and that he was owed more than $200,000 plus interest concerning licensing agreements he had established with various Laser manufacturers back in 2011.

Patent suit in Connecticut court nets $176.5 million award

An intellectual property lawsuit tried in federal court in Connecticut resulted in the award of $176.5 million for one of the parties. It was ruled that a device marketed and sold by Johnson & Johnson infringed upon a patent owned by an Irish company named Covidien.

Outcome of patent dispute could determine what tools we will buy

Connecticut-based Stanley Black & Decker has found itself involved in an intellectual property dispute that could prevent the company from distributing or selling certain screw drivers and other devices in the United States. The patent infringement lawsuit was filed by STMicroelectronics (STM) with the U.S. International Trade Commission against a company called InvenSense Inc (IVN).

Connecticut entrepreneur specializes in technological innovations

New ventures often invest tens of millions of dollars in technology, patents, real estate and facilities, and in hiring the right talent for the business. Every decision at this point in time has its risks, and any company wants to avoid making mistakes that may prevent the business from even starting up.

Mimicked songs prompt Black Keys to sue 2 companies

The Black Keys are an immensely popular band right now, having released the critically acclaimed album "El Camino" in 2011. Many people hold the album in high regard, especially two of the singles off the album titled "Lonely Boy" and "Gold on the Ceiling."

Be careful with your words: Company sues over two little words

Logos, brand names, slogans are easily recognized by many consumers. These types of creative productions are copyrighted by many companies. In addition, companies can patent phrases. The short phrase, "best of," may not appear to be much different from other two word phrases. However, these two little words have been at the center of multiple intellectual property lawsuits.

Samsung attempted, failed to stop Apple from selling iPhone 5

Apple-loyal customers -- from the northeastern reaches of Hartford, Connecticut, to the other far-flung corners of the U.S. -- eagerly anticipated this past weekend as the iPhone 5 was finally launched. Given some reports that Apple sold somewhere in the vicinity of 5 million of the newest iPhone iteration on the opening weekend, it's safe to say neither company nor customer was disappointed with the release.

Yoga apparel companies wage rare IP war for fashion industry

Intellectual property is such an important aspect in the business world. The innovative and original ideas of an organization can propel the company to new heights; or when improperly guarded by shoddy legal documentation (or no legal documentation at all), these ideas can be copied by the company's competitors, severely damaging the innovators' chances at surviving a competitive marketplace.

Electronic Arts, Zynga engage in copyright infringement battle

Electronic Arts produces critically acclaimed video games and is perhaps best known for its line of sports video games, produced under the label EA Sports. The social gaming company Zynga has risen to similar prominence since its founding in 2007, with an ongoing relationship with Faceabook to produce some simple, yet addictive, applications for social gamers.

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